By Rachel - 12/19/2012 09:01:00 PM

P U L L   M E   A   L I T T L E   C L O S E R

Your love has ravished my heart and taken me over.

and all i want is to be, with You forever.
pull me a little closer. 
take me a little deeper.
i want to know Your heart. 
cause your love is so much sweeter, than anything i've tasted. 

last night was an eyeopening, humbling experience. an experience that i have been needing for longer than i cared to admit to myself. i attended a young adult service called the project at Millwoods Pentecostal. i sat down in the narrow pew among the hundreds of young adults gathered to worship and fellowship together. the worship [as usual] was powerful. but the last song, in particular, was the one that got to me. closer by bethel church. pull me a little closer. take me a little deeper. i want to know your heart. as the sanctuary sang these words in complete unison i was overcome with so many different emotions. things that i have shoved in the deepest corners of my being, things that i have left to fester for far too long, were no longer hidden. frustration and anger towards God. feeling distant from a Creator i so deeply want to know and live for, but feeling unable to grasp His love. His grace. His mercy. as i sang those words, it was my cry to Jesus that He would pull me in and wrap me in His embrace. that he would reveal himself to me so that i may know him deeper and make him known. in that moment i felt such joy praising an amazing, saving God who is so worthy of our worship.

as the worship concluded, Pastor Phil got up on stage to preach. he spoke about 2 Kings and about how we are writing our legacy as we live our lives. Hezzekiah lived a life so amazing that there was none like him before or after. he turned to God in times of struggle and God came through because he was faithful. Phil stressed the immense importance of running to the Father whenever the water gets deep. whenever life seems to much to handle. his message knocked me completely on my face with the realization that this is something i rarely do. he reminded us of God's unfailing love - that, no matter where we stand in our spiritual journey, He is there. walking with us. drawing us in bit by bit.  revealing himself to us each and every day. and when we surrender our lives and everythings that we are, at the cross our lives become something different. something indescribably beautiful. something that leaves a legacy worthy of the life God has called us to live. 

much love,


// to hear the message click here to listen to it online. they also have an app called 'the project' where you can listen to all the sermons. i highly recommend it. 

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