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The other day in leadership class we were shown this video. at the end of it, we were confronted with two questions - what are your dreams? + what are your fears? so, i made my list.

// reaching the end of my life and realizing i did not make an impact.
// taking a risk to pursue my passions - afraid that i might fail.
// ending up alone.
// living day to day with no passion or purpose.
// not being there for someone when they need me most.
// loving money more than people + more than God.
// losing the people i love.
// trusting that God's plan is best.
// living a typical life.

// know Christ + make Him known.
// help troubled youth.
// find love.
// travel the world.
// live a life full of love.
// never stop pursuing my love of photography.
// go on a missions trip.
// live a radical life, following my heart, not my head.

i am a dreamer. i have this yearning in my heart to live my life with purpose. a life filled with adventure. "I urge you, brothers, to live a life worthy of the calling you have received." [ ephesians 4:1 ]. I want my life to glorify my Saviour. but what gets in the way is this little big thing called fear. its what stops us from doing the things we are truly passionate about - fear of failure, fear of being different, fear of being vulnerable. all of these things fill our heads and, as a result, deafen our hearts. it becomes mind over heart - instead of heart over mind. what we truly dream of doing is overcome by our deepest fears. the result? living a typical life. an average life. and yet, we look at the people in the world pursuing a fullfilling, radical life and we wonder, why i can't i have a life like that? believe me, i've had that thought many many times. well then it hit me, i can. we all can - but we have to set our frears free. easier said than done, i know. trading in your fears in order to pursue your dreams is scary + requires you to take risks. it often requires us to set aside our own selfish pride for the sake of others. i don't know about you, but living a radical life - following God + the plans he has for us and making our dreams a reality seems pretty wonderful to me.

"fear causes inaction, but God is always about calling people to action." 

much love,

[ p.s. you should all check out the sermon on fear from the series called 'Paralyzed' at : ) ]

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  1. Never give up on your dreams! Good luck with the pursuit.