By Rachel - 1/02/2014 09:13:00 PM

 T H A N K S   F O R   B E I N G   G O O D   T O   M E ,   2 0 1 3

twenty thirteen.

the year i turned 17.
the year of broken resolutions.
the year of new friendships.
the year of spontaneous road trips.
the year of flourishing passions.
the year i traveled to tijuana, mexico in a 15 passenger van.
the year of much needed conviction.
the year God revealed to me his heart for the world + the gospel.
the year of impromptu dance parties + too many sleepless sleepovers.
the year of learning to accept + relish in the season of life i'm in.
the year of inspiration - overflowing with creative discovery.
the year of my first real job.
the year of growing + developing my blog.
the year i became a licensed driver.
the year of mistakes + lessons learned.
the year i realized growing up is scary but oh so wonderful.
the year of incessant laughter continuing far into the night.
the year of endless wondering + wandering.

i'm ready for your untold adventures, 
t w e n t y   f o u r t e e n .

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