By Rachel - 4/01/2015 06:14:00 PM

M a k i n g : Vegetarian lasagna. Beats regular lasagna anyyy day. (I use this recipe!)
R e a d i n g : Future Grace by John Piper. Such a great, perspective-shifting read!
W a t c h i n g : Parks & Recreation. It is seriously playing all day long in my house.   
D r i n k i n g : TEA. Mmmm. (Probably because I'm all out of coffee filters and can't seem to remember to pick them up at the store..)
P l a y i n g :  A lot of old school country. Shania Twain and Tim McGraw, anyone??
W i s h i n g : I was in the mountains at this very moment.
E n j o y i n g : Doing six months worth of catching up with friends.
L e a r n i n g : That waking up early really is the key to a productive day. (And this, unfortunatly, means ditching my night-owl habits.)
W o n d e r i n g : If I should pack away the winter parka or brace myself for more winter weather. (Canadian problems, eh?)
L o v i n g : Monochrommme. (Can you tell by my recent blog post?)
We a r i n g : Anything knit! 
W r i t i n g : More than ever before in my new, unlined Moleskin. My favorite!
B o o k m a r k i n g : Sights to see for our Portland trip. (Eeek!)  
W a n t i n g : All the wolf shirts in the world.

Much love,

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  1. i wish i could be in a mountain at this moment too.
    and yes! waking up early really boost your energy.