By Rachel - 9/04/2013 07:10:00 PM

L I S T E N I N G   (  L A T E L Y  )


( good ) music is one thing that i am passionate about. there is a song that can relate to any of life's excitements + sorrows. we've all discovered those songs that speak directly into our lives at a seemingly perfect time. i love how music comes with so many senses - the feeling of goosebumps + the butterflies that come when a piece of music so beautiful is found. i love how songs can so clearly bring back memories lost in time.  music is also a way to worship - a way to draw near to Him. this is why i take such delight in finding good music that speaks to me. music, at it's core, is a poem - a piece of writing exquisitely crafted and chiseled into a story that is beautiful to the ears. ( excluding that junk on the radio haha. sorry, but not sorry, pop fans. ) some of my favourites at the moment are : 

t h e   c i v i l   w a r s - (well, let me say, their entire new album has been on repeat lately. if you don't have it, buy it.) i've been loving Tell Mama, I Had Me a Girl and Same Old Same Old. 

e v e n i n g   h y m s - you and jake

k i n g s   k a l e i d o s c o p e - jesus paid it all

d a v i d   r a m i r e z - paper thin 

a r k e l l s - on paper ( acoustic version )

j o s h   m h i r e - thomas, my bride ( if you are familiar with the lovely Kinsey, from Sincerely Kinsey, this is her husband + he makes rad music - listen to it here )

d a u g h t e r - smother, still

s h a w n   m c d o n a l d - beautiful, burning

much love, 

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