I am so excited + honored that you've come to visit my little corner of the internet!

Writing an 'about me' page has proven to be quite the challenge- how exactly do you sum up who you are in a little 5 sentence paragraph?! I've had 21 years that have molded + shaped me into the ever changing, ever growing person I am today.

My hope is this: that as you follow along with my blog, you would begin to know me like an old friend- to catch a glimpse of my life, my loves, my passions.

My heart is this: that Life Abundantly would be a platform for creativity, genuine community and that you would leave feeling more encouraged + more inspired than before.

S O M E   L I T T L E   F A C T S . . .

+ I was born and raised on the prairies of Alberta, Canada
+ I would consider myself a city girl, but I'll never say no to a bit of country music or a good ol stampede (probably because of fact number one HA)
+ I lived in Hawaii for 2 years while working for YWAM Maui
+ I have traveled to Europe, Mexico, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand
+ I love Taco Bell (no shame) and I hate cooked spinach
+ I will laugh at pretty much anything (including my own jokes)
+ I am a mega procrastinator (still working on this one..)
+ I love interior design
+ Introverted extrovert- I love to be around lots of people, but I also love to be completely alone
+ Worship and Intercession make my heart come alive
+ I love exploring new ways to connect to God through creativity- photography, calligraphy, painting
+ Oh, and I am marrying the the most handsome Swiss man...

M Y   O T H E R   ( V E R Y  H A N D S O M E )  H A L F

Where do I even begin with this man?! We met while working with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Maui, fell in love in a matter of months (when you know, you just know ;) ) and here we are today; engaged, living continents apart, planning our July 2018 wedding + dreaming about our future together. This blonde-haired, blue-eyed Swiss boy swept me off my feet and it's been the craziest adventure ever since. Hold on, you'll probably see a lot of him around here!

c o n t a c t   m e

 email   r.banek@yahoo.ca
instagram   @rachel_banek
  pinterest   rachel banek

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