By Rachel - 12/31/2012 01:31:00 PM

this little brown book couldn't have come to me at a better time. twenty-twelve is quickly coming to a close + a new year is hiding just around the corner. twenty-thirteen. a year that will [ hopefully ] be filled with many new adventures. countless laughing fits. good food + even better music. many long conversations with close friends accompanied by a hot cup of tea. a year where i accomplish lofty goals + dream bigger than i ever have before. a year captured through the lense of my camera. filled with happy, sunshiny days + cozy, rainy mornings. days of great joy, where i can't help but smile. and, inevitably, days of sadness where the only thing left to do is cry. i hope to relish in the simple, sweet moments. moments that make me realize that, although it can be rough at times, this life is so very beautiful. i look forward to many more late nights filled with ideas + sparks of inspiration. i hope the pages of this leatherbound notebook will be overflowing with all of the above - beautiful words that explain my life, my heart + my God oh so perfectly. as this notebook gets battered + bruised, let is serve as a reminder of the countless adventures it has endured + the many adventures still to come. 

much love,

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