By Rachel - 1/04/2013 09:35:00 PM

farewell twenty twelve, hello twenty thirteen! it don't know where this past year has gone. it seems as though just yesterday i was embarking on a new journey called highschool + ringing in twenty twelve. the last half of this year has been a whirlwind of new + exciting events in my life. [ almost ] everything feels right at the moment. i finally feel settled into a highschool that i love. new relationships are growing + blossoming, day by day. and i am giddy thinking about the excitment + fresh start that the new year brings. i guess the perfect word to describe how im feeling right now would be content. yes, utterly content. smitten. optimistic. hopeful that twenty thirteen will be filled with all things wonderful. as cliche as it may be, i do make resolutions. im very much a list person - seeing my goals laid out before me helps me to be productive + proactive. so, i have made a [ fairly short ] list of resolutions for twenty thirteen. enjoy!

// [ ok, so the first on my list is probably on 99 percent of people's lists, but believe me, it needs to      happen! ] renew my gym membership, get back in shape + be bikini ready by the time summer roles around haha. now that that's out of the way, i can move on to more interesting resolutions...
// read more regularly.  
// continue to blog weekly + grow and develope dawn to dusk.
// cook.cook.cook. my house is filled with many cook books + my computer spammed with many bookmarked recipes just waiting to be made. 
// get more sleep. 
// bake a pretty layered cake - worthy of pinterest. 
// go camping in the mountains. 
// continue to deepen + further my relationship with god. to ask him for wisdom each + every day.
// get back to volutneering at Hope Mission homeless shelter on a weekly basis.
// redecorate my room. my room is to be painted a crisp shade of white + filled with unique antiques + eclectic pieces. i hope to turn my room into a haven that i absolutely love. 

much love, 

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