By Rachel - 1/22/2013 12:13:00 PM

scribbled lines + ink filled pages

these days, my life practically consists of long study dates at starbucks [ all by my lonesome. haha. ] + huge coffees [ hazelnut latte’s from starbucks are seriously the bomb. ] why? two words - exam week. definatly not my cup of tea, or anyone's for that matter! as i've been flipping through my books i have noticed a common occurance - perfectly written notes and then, out of nowhere, spontaneous sparks of inspiration. random thoughts on life - lists, doodles + [at times] nonsensical writing. evidence of a dreamer. i love the fact that i am constantly inspired by the fascinating world around me [even though it has proven to make studying a little but harder]  i am excited for this week to come to an end so that i can get back to blogging regularly! but until then, i'll just stay right here - nestled in the corner of Starbucks, trying to make sense of these scribbles + doodles.
                                                                                  much love, rachel

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