By Rachel - 1/13/2013 02:54:00 PM

i n s p i r a t i o n   |   m y   h a v e n

one of my most exciting projects of twenty-thirteen is going to be my room. at the moment, i sit in here surrounded by dark purple walls accompanied by a theme of black, white and grey. Don't get me wrong, my room is very nice, just not a space I personally love to be in. my room was 'me' three years ago - but not so much who I am now. I am incredibly grateful that my parents have always encouraged our rooms to be a place where we love to be + that we have freedom when it comes to painting and decorating our rooms. so, I hope to turn my dark walls into a crisp shade a white, replace my matchy decorations with eclectic gems from the thrift store and fill my walls with photography, typography + art. I have always loved interior decorating + I strongly believe that your bedroom [ + your home ] should be a creative reflection of who you are, which is why I am so pumped for this project! I promise i will be updating you each step of the way - from thrift store adventures to decisions on what white to pick [ before going to home depot I had no clue how many shades of white there's ridiculous haha ] to the countless trips to ikea - you'll be along for the journey :) so for now, I leave you with some inspiration. thanks, pinterest : )

much love,

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