By Rachel - 1/31/2013 07:26:00 PM

i try to live my life simply. i, unfortunately, am apart of a generation that is so frightfully busy + complicated. often times we don't stop to realize the little things that bring such happiness to our lives. so, i decided to make a list. a list of all the little things that make me happy + that bring joy to my life. 

walking barefoot in the grass // catching up with friends over a cup of tea // when your favorite song comes on the radio // feeling pretty // late night runs to walmart // the smell of campfires // driving around with friends, music blasting // little crushes // clean sheets // big family get together a // eating pickles out of the jar // rainy days // sitting on the floor // sunday afternoon naps // fresh fruit // start gazing in the country side // receiving a letter in the mail // laughing so hard your stomach hurts // finding a new favorite song // clean room // late night talks with cousins // getting butterflies in your stomach // long, leisurely breakfasts // bear hugs // compliments from strangers // getting dressed up // feeling confident 

much love [ + joy ],

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  1. really true!....i enjoy those very same things! nice pics rachel... gr8 blog...